Wino Wednesday: The Obsessed Performing “Neatz Brigade” at Roadburn 2012

Happy Wino Wednesday

Predictable? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely! This week’s Wino Wednesday clip comes courtesy of this year’s installment of the Roadburn festival in TIlburg, the Netherlands. If you’ve checked out the site in the last week, you might have heard a thing or two about it. If not, one of the highlights of the weekend was unquestionably a reunion of The Obsessed‘s The Church Within-era lineup of guitarist/vocalist Scott “Wino” Weinrich, bassist Guy Pinhas and drummer Greg Rogers.

It’s unknown at this point if they’re going to do anything else as a band — certainly Wino isn’t lacking for other projects at this point — but of course, since it’s the future, no way this wasn’t going to end up all over the TouYubes. Something like The Obsessed getting back together for a one-time-only (to date) gig is too cool to let go undocumented, and fortunately there were several kind souls there with quality video recording capabilities.

As such, it’s my hope that you enjoy this clip of one of doom’s most powerful power trios performing the song “Neatz Brigade” from The Church Within from over this past weekend. Along with the song kicking ass, you’ll note as well that Pinhas is one of the intensest-looking dudes ever.

Happy Wino Wednesday:

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  1. Jordi says:

    Awesome festival. Awesome show. Awesome band. Awesome song. Awesome video… I also found it searching through YT on Sunday afternoon, that was really quick!
    Did you purchase the Live Music Hall Köln December 29th 1992 LP from Burning World records?

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