audiObelisk: Tasha-Yar Offers 22 Minutes of Blissed-Out Lo-Fi Psych Jamming with “Casting Lots”

I’ve written about North Carolina space rockers Tasha-Yar a couple times now. A review here, an interview there. They’ve been included in a podcast or two, and their sound has continued to develop and continued to fascinate. Their 2011 full-length, The First Landing, found them starting to come into their own, and the music they’ve made since has only furthered that process.

This is something I know because every now and then a package shows up, usually from drummer Tim Greene, containing a new recording of Tasha-Yar music. Generally, there’s a handwritten note inside, like the one you see below (click to enlarge), explaining what it is I’m hearing and when it was put to tape, what they were going for and, sometimes, the personnel involved, which seems to be as nebulous occasionally as the music itself.

Such is how I came across “Casting Lots,” a 22:30 jam Tasha-Yar recorded last month that’s equal parts massive and endearing. Pretty sure most of it is improvised, but it was so psyched-out, so natural-sounding and so hypnotic, that I asked the band if they’d let me post it for streaming, and fortunately they said to go for it.

So, with the hope that those packages keep arriving and with the hope that it’s as warm and sunny where you are as it is in North Jersey this fine afternoon, please enjoy getting lost in Tasha-Yar‘s “Casting Lots” on the player below:

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

“Casting Lots” was recorded Feb. 9, 2012, at Tasha-Yar‘s practice space in North Carolina. For more on the band, check them out on Thee Facebooks here, and to stream The First Landing and purchase a copy of the CD/DVD, hit them up on Bandcamp.

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6 Responses to “audiObelisk: Tasha-Yar Offers 22 Minutes of Blissed-Out Lo-Fi Psych Jamming with “Casting Lots””

  1. C. Davis says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this man! The entire piece is full improv, somethiing we rely on for this type of outburst. Much appreciationa and total support form all of us in Tasha-Yar.

  2. matt says:

    awesome, totally dig this.

  3. billy says:

    Best band!

  4. me says:

    2 North Carolina bands featured in two days. Very cool.

  5. Savage beast herder says:

    North Carolina is the new sky castle level 12…..
    It’s only a matter of time till the capitol is moved there…..possibly Mineral Springs Mountain…… Good song…..

  6. robbie lacombe says:

    Great work guys! Keep up the great vibe. I hope you all are well.

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