audiObelisk: Cortez Stream Opening Track from Self-Titled 2LP

A little known band from California once said that, “five years is forever,” and though that band was wrong about many, many things, they were right on that one. Fortunately, Allston, Massachusetts, heavy rockers Cortez are making up for lost time. Their new full-length, Cortez, will be released as a 14-song double-LP on Bilocation Records next month.

The album follows the Buzzville Records EP, Thunder in a Forgotten Town, which was released in 2007. True, members of Cortez play in Roadsaw, Black Thai and other outfits, but even so, it’s hard to keep momentum going off an EP for half a decade. Periodic shows and regional tours in the Northeast US have helped, but there’s no denying that Cortez are overdue for an album. I think the band would probably be the first to say it.

So what we have, then, in Cortez‘s Cortez is a long, long awaited release of classic-minded heavy rock songwriting. You got your ’70s, you got your ’90s and you get your ’10s from how the two are combined. Cortez‘s combination of riffs and soul has only grown in potency since Thunder in a Forgotten Town, and Cortez, the album, shows that quality songwriting is ultimately timeless. Catchy is catchy, whatever year it happens to be.

In that regard, and as a fan of the band, it’s my honor to premiere the first studio-recorded audio from Cortez in five years. They hand-picked the song “Johnny,” which opens the album, and I probably would have chosen the same one, since it’s a case of the band rocking at their unpretentious best on a song that’s as well-performed as it is immediately memorable. In other words, I dig it and I hope you do too.

Please enjoy “Johnny” on the player below, followed by some info about the band and the album:

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Cortez is vocalist Matt Harrington, guitarist Scott O’Dowd, bassist Jay Furlo and drummer Jeremy Hemond. The album Cortez will be released on Bilocation Records as a 2LP, features artwork by Alexander Von Wieding and was recorded by Ethan Dussault at New Alliance Audio in Cambridge, MA. For more on the band and updates on the release, check out their Thee Facebooks or the label’s website.

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5 Responses to “audiObelisk: Cortez Stream Opening Track from Self-Titled 2LP”

  1. Eggat says:

    kickass song! love that beatles quote :)

  2. Woody says:

    Not listening until I own the entire tape!

  3. goAt says:

    I like your style, Woody…

    I also find it humorous that I’ve never heard of these fucking guys, even though I live about 15 miles from them.


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  5. blah says:

    complete rip off of “voice of disrepair” by only living witness

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