Dwellers, Backwoods Payback and Sasquatch L.A. Show Switches Venues

I’m taking the rest of today off because, fuck it, I need to. Before I run out of here to rent a 55-gallon drum and hide myself inside it, I wanted to post word that the Los Angeles gig previously referred to in the announcement of Backwoods Payback‘s March tour has switched venues.

It’ll now be taking place at Los Globos Nightclub on Sunset Blvd. I hear it’s lovely. And yeah, it’s a Monday night, but seriously, I know this site gets a bunch of hits from out that way, so if you can read this and you’re somewhere within showing-up range, I promise you this will be better than the Monday night of watching television, scratching your ass and not doing laundry you had previously planned.

Dig it:

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