audiObelisk EXCLUSIVE: Stream Greenleaf’s Nest of Vipers in its Entirety — Extended to the End of the Month!

It’s an occasion worth celebrating, and to mark the digital release tomorrow, March 6, of Greenleaf‘s Nest of Vipers on something called iTunes (never heard of it), I’ve been granted permission to host a one-week-only stream of the entire album. It’ll run from today until next Monday, and then it comes down, so get in while the getting’s good.

The record was already reviewed last week, and the review was extensive as you’ll see if you click that link, but by way of a quick refresher, Greenleaf is the Swedish heavy rock supergroup helmed by guitarist Tommi Holappa of Dozer and bassist Bengt Bäcke, and on Nest of Vipers, they’re joined by Dozer members Johan Rockner (guitar) and Olle Mårthans (drums), as well as vocalist Oskar Cedermalm of Truckfighters. With production courtesy of Karl Daniel Lidén (ex-Demon Cleaner, current VAKA) and guest spots from Peder Bergstrand (Lowrider), Fredrik Nordin (Dozer) and Per Wiberg (Spiritual Beggars, Opeth, etc.), Nest of Vipers reads like a who’s who of paramount Swedish heavy.

But more importantly — most importantly — it rocks harder than whatever you’d be listening to otherwise and has skillfully written, memorable songs. If you want to look out for them, Wiberg is on “Lilith” and the closer, Bergstrand is on “Sunken Ships” and Nordin is on the closer. Thanks to Small Stone for letting me host the record.

Hope you enjoy:

[PLEASE NOTE: This stream has now expired. Thanks for listening.]

Greenleaf‘s Nest of Vipers hits iTunes on March 6 and is set for release in the physical realm on June 12. For more information, hit up Small Stone‘s page for the band, or check them out on Thee Facebooks, or stick around, because I’m sure there’ll be more here about them too. I’m something of a dork for these guys.

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11 Responses to “audiObelisk EXCLUSIVE: Stream Greenleaf’s Nest of Vipers in its Entirety — Extended to the End of the Month!”

  1. Mario says:

    Digging the shit out of this!

  2. jeanmid says:

    Really awesome album ! Thanks Greenleaf and The Obelisk !!!

  3. Porkpie says:

    This is certainly my favourite already, fantastic.

  4. canucklehead says:

    guess this is the next best thing to a Dozer release. digging the groove, super catchy, gonna play this in my truck. great for windows down, cheap beer spillin’, summer crusin. I’m only two songs into the stream, but can already tell this album is gonna get lots of play.
    so stoked this is streaming here. good work guys!!

  5. Woody says:

    This tape is mint! These guys LOVE Alice Cooper!

  6. Sourgrain says:

    yea this is awesome!!

  7. Eggat says:

    great album! can’t wait to share the stage with them at DESERTFEST \m/

  8. Groko says:

    Sounds like a great album. Lot’s of Sleep Dragonaut inspiration shines through on “At the Helm” intro riff though.

  9. Jon says:

    I don’t understand why Small Stone is doing the iTunes release months in advance of the physical lately. Am I the only one bothered by this? It bums me out. I finally have the Dwellers after months of listening to the stream. I hate buying shit on iTunes…buh. Enough ranting. Thanks for having this! I’m just about to start the journey.

  10. romilar says:

    amazing album!

  11. Cain says:

    @Jon… It bothers me, too. I’m a physical media guy, but the iTunes thing is sometimes just too much temptation. Then when the physical album finally comes out, I sometimes find myself less likely to buy it (again). There’s only a few albums that I’ll buy more than once. I’d rather they wait, and do all the mediums at once. Download codes would be nice, too.

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