audiObelisk Transmission 024: Comping the Comps

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Yes, that’s right. It’s a compilation of tracks from compilations. Is your mind blown yet?

If not, I might recommend you checking out Sleep covering Black Sabbath‘s “Snowblind,” John Garcia‘s acoustic track from the first MeteorCity release ever, Solace paying solo-laden homage to Godzilla, some of the very earliest Queens of the Stone Age recordings, or any number of the other off-album cuts, covers and rarities included here. Compilations — much as they’re a pain in the ass to review — afford bands opportunities to do things they never could on regular albums. Pentagram covering Captain Beyond? Ufommamut psych-jamming on Blue Cheer? It’s the stuff of practice room shenanigans put to tape.

It’s not all covers here, but since tributes are an essential part of the compilation experience, I wanted to make sure plenty were included. Some of the other stuff might just be album tracks — Sungrazer, Spirit Caravan, etc. — but comps are also a great way for a label to highlight its releases, so that’s part of it too. Ditto rarities, alternate versions, unreleased material, and so on. I’ve had comps on my mind a lot lately, whether it’s getting my hands on the Blue Cheer tribute or the Trouble tribute, or whatever else. They’re an essential part of this genre, and have been going back to the late ’90s when that wave of heavy/stoner rock was really coming together in the wake of Kyuss. It’s amazing how many of these releases are from 1997-2000. Both in the US and in Europe, it seemed like everybody was getting on board for this thing, heading in a specific direction.

You can factor in the rise of the internet as an exchange of musical ideas there (not to mention the music itself), and you’d probably be right to do so. But it’s important to note that when they wanted to make it count, the songs were pressed to disc. Either way, some of these comps are relics at this point — Burn One Up, Welcome to MeteorCity, Stone Deaf Forever — and I’ve found some killer bands over the years in the “V/A” section, so I wanted to bring a little of that out in the listening experience here. I hope you dig it.

A note to anyone who heard last month’s podcast: I didn’t talk on this one. I had neither the time nor the desire to sit at my office this weekend, plus with it being all comp stuff, I wanted to keep to that feel — there are a couple samples, but that’s it — and discussing the tracks as the thing moved along would only take away from that. If you dug that, maybe next time.

Stream audiObelisk Transmission 024 on the player above; download it by clicking the flier at the top of this post or by clicking here. Full tracklist is after the jump, as always.

0:00-6:12 Meatjack, “Shevil” (Melvins cover) from We Reach: The Music of the Melvins (Fractured Transmitter, 2005)

6:12-12:23 Hazard County Girls, “Birthday” from Treatin’ ‘em Right Since ’69: A Tribute to Handsome Joel Svatek (Arclight, 2005)

12:23-19:13 Rebreather, “Rebreather” from Emissions From the Monolith (Maduro, 2003)

19:13-23:45 J.M.J. (aka John Garcia), “To Believe” from Welcome to MeteorCity (MeteorCity, 1998)

23:45-29:26 Sleep, “Snowblind” (Black Sabbath cover) from Masters of Misery: Black Sabbath: The Earache Tribute (Earache, 1997)

29:26-33:32 Mammoth Volume, “Seagull” from Inhale 420: The Stoner Rock Compilation (Spitfire, 2000)

33:32-36:47 Clutch, “Willie Nelson” from High Volume: The Stoner Rock Collection (High Times, 2004)

36:47-40:31 Puny Human, “Raze the Leghorn Bar” from Judge Not… (Underdogma, 2000)

40:31-44:21 Lowrider, “David William Hughes” from The Mighty Desert Rock Avengers (People Like You, 2002)

44:21-49:50 OJM, “Har(d)ucks” from Vincebus Eruptum: Acid Sounds Vol. 1 (Vincebus Eruptum, 2012)

49:50-56:14 Ufomammut, “Peace of Mind” from Blue Explosion: A Tribute to Blue Cheer (Black Widow, 1999)

56:14-1:00:27 M-Squad, “Steps Away (Steamroller)” from Stone Deaf Forever (Red Sun, 1999)

1:00:27-1:05:08 Akris, “Kentucky Russian” from Son of the Transcendental Maggot (Tsuguri, 2011)

1:05:08-1:10:45 Impure Wilhelmina, “Cold Fever” from Falling Down II (Falling Down, 2010)

1:10:45-1:19:17 Solace, “Mother Godzilla” from Destroysall: A Tribute to Godzilla (Shifty, 2004)

1:19:17-1:28:31 Soulpreacher, “Remember the End” from Dreams of What Life Could Have Been (PsycheDOOMelic, 2004)

1:28:31-1:32:39 Naevus, “R.I.P.” (Trouble cover) from Bastards Will Pay: A Tribute to Trouble (Freedoom, 1999)

1:32:39-1:38:25 Truckfighters, “Analougus“ from The Ultimate Fuzz Collection Vol. 1 (Fuzzorama, 2004)

1:38:25-1:42:10 Fu Manchu, “Ojo Rojo” from Stoned Again! (Bong Load, 1999)

1:42:10-1:47:52 Bakerton Group, “The Mack” from In the Groove (The Music Cartel, 1999)

1:47:52-1:50:43 Winnebago Deal, “Venomized” from Road to Nowhere (Poison Tree, 2007)

1:50:43-1:56:35 Greenleaf, “Sold My Lady (Out the Back of an Oldsmobile)” from Molten Universe Volume Two (Molten Universe, 2000)

1:56:35-2:00:50 Pentagram, “Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)” (Captain Beyond cover) from A Thousand Days of Yesterdays: A Tribute to Captain Beyond (Record Heaven, 1999)

2:00:50-2:05:14 Buffalo, “Odyssey” (Kyuss cover) from Listen without Distraction: A Tribute to Kyuss (Dias de Garage, 2004)

2:05:14-2:13:48 Sungrazer, “Zero Zero” from Cowbells and Cobwebs (Planetfuzz, 2010)

2:13:48-2:18:25 Spirit Caravan, “The Departure” from Rise 13: Magick Rock Vol. 1 (The Music Cartel, 1999)

2:18:25-2:29:55 Sadhus, the Smoking Community, “Foondamentalist” from Miss Fortune was a Henhouse Manager (Spinalonga, 2010)

2:29:55-2:37:30 Leviathan A.D., “Breathing Rust” from Doom Capital (Crucial Blast, 2004)

2:37:30-2:42:15 Colour Haze, “One Way or Another” (Cactus cover) from Sucking the ‘70s: Back in the Saddle Again (Small Stone, 2007)

2:42:15-2:45:33 Queens of the Stone Age, “18 A.D.” from Burn One Up (Roadrunner, 1997)

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10 Responses to “audiObelisk Transmission 024: Comping the Comps”

  1. PengIn says:

    In The Groove is pretty much the greatest comp ever.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m relatively new to the Obelisk, but man, oh man I love it! Even for an old guy, it’s so great to discover new music again. Reminds me of my youth.

    And now, I’m going to start giving the podcast a try. I’ll cut my teeth with this one.

    Stupid question, can I subscribe through iTunes so I can the show with me?

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Mike says:

    * … so I can take the show with me?


    • Hey Mike,
      Thanks for checking out the podcasts. As of now, they’re not on iTunes. I’ve kind of tried to stay away from iTunes, since there’s a bunch of rules you have to follow for it and I’m afraid they’re going to come to my house and take me to Guantanamo because I didn’t ask for rights to something I’ve posted, but if you click the flier at the top of the post, you can get the file from the page that takes you to and if you put that in your own iTunes library, you should be able to get it on whatever device you wish from there.
      Hope this helps and all the best.

  4. Martin says:

    How did you come up with the cover image? Really?

    • @Martin: Really, I wanted something that would convey the notion of “pile” — as in “compile,” as in “compilation” — so I Google Image searched “pile” and “mound” and somewhere in there found the picture from which I cropped that portion. I use a standard size for the podcast flyers, so I cropped it to that and chose the font. I adjusted the brightness and the color balance manually to get it to look like an older photo and then topped it with the text. In the end, it was longer on the bottom than it is now, and that part of the image was just blank space under the text, so I recropped the image and stretched it vertically about 40 pixels to make it more evenly spaced with the text on the top and bottom. I hated it up to that point, actually, didn’t like it at all, but stretching it vertically completely changed my mind and now I dig it a lot. Thanks for asking.

  5. Martin says:

    I asked, because this looks like a place from my hometown :D,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&ion=1&biw=1280&bih=709&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=3zA6T_ihNdCRswbrk8jhBg

  6. Maddes says:

    Dude, this podcast is just awesome. You totally made my hungover day and I will never ever miss an episode in the future. How long did you work on this fine piece?

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