Frydee The Glasspack

I think what I like best about this The Glasspack jam from their 2011 split 7″ with Trophy Wives is that it’s not what my mind immediately goes to when I think of the band; that being simple, dirty-as-hell rock and roll. This one’s a little more jammed out; a little less verse/chorus/verse/chorus and a little more “let’s ride this riff into space-rock oblivion.” Which I dig. Hope you do too.

Today, I was all set to post my interview with Dwellers guitarist/vocalist Joey Toscano, also formerly of Iota, but after the vehement responses the Bill Ward thing got (which were awesome, thank you all for commenting), I thought maybe it was better to let that breathe for a little bit. At least until Monday. Waiting on images is also part of that, but either way, it should be worked out by the time the weekend is done.

Also in that category: There will be a new podcast up this weekend.

It’s The Patient Mrs.‘ birthday, but barring destructive earthquake, asteroid, tsunami or other catastrophe, that won’t stop me from having a new podcast posted, however much I may (and do) love and appreciate my wife. Next week, I’ll also have reviews of Pallbearer, Wino & Conny Ochs, Fire Faithful and the new issue of the Vincebus Eruptum zine, among others. Hopefully some audio too. I’m waiting on a couple emails back in that regard, so I don’t want to promise something and not be able to deliver (cough, cough), but the podcast should be enough noise in any case.

This was a crazy week. I was behind the whole time. When it came down to this afternoon, I pretty much decided to say “screw it” and go home, and it was the right choice. Next week I’ll debut Roadsaw bassist Tim Catz‘s new column, “70 RPMs,” so look forward to that, and if you’re paying attention to the forum, I’ll also be continuing on my own personal Star Trek. A cult interest I know, but at least fascinating to me. Hopefully to you too. Ha.

Alright, enough of this nonsense. We’ll pick back up tomorrow or Sunday when the new podcast is up. Until then, thanks for reading. I hope you have a great and safe weekend. I’ll see you on the forum and back here asap.

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