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Summer may have officially ended with the passing of Labor Day yesterday, but The Proselyte clearly haven’t gotten the message. The Cambridge heavy rocking four-piece will issue their debut full-length, Sunshine, through Teenage Disco Bloodbath in October, and it’s an album that lives up to its name.

Maybe the most striking thing about The Proselyte is the band’s immediate skill at vocal arrangement. They move into and out of harmony smoothly, offsetting the accessible nature of their approach with heavier growls immaculately captured on Sunshine by drummer/vocalist Alec Rodriguez, who recorded the album at New Alliance Audio in the band’s hometown.

I said the other day that I wanted to introduce some new bands with track premieres. The Proselyte definitely fall into that category, and their mix of heaviness and melody make them an immediate standout. I was fortunate enough to be granted permission to take my pick of songs to host from Sunshine, and I selected “Grey Lady,” which I think sums up the album nicely.

Hope you agree. Press play below to hear the track, and feel free to peruse some info on the band below that, courtesy of the label’s website.

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Playing around the Boston area for five years, The Proselyte have recently managed an enormous sonic overhaul for an upcoming TDB Records release. The band’s sound has truly come into their own, offering riffy swagger, bomb-string heaviness and massive multi-layered vocal harmonies on the new LP. It’s almost like Alice in Chains discovering the first two Baroness EPs, or maybe the Melvins covering the Beach Boys.

Titled Sunshine, The Proselyte’s full-length will be out on vinyl and digital formats in October. Sunshine was recorded at New Alliance in Cambridge, MA, by drummer/vocalist Alec Rodriguez and the band features guitarist/vocalist Nicholas Wolf from Phantom Glue. The lineup is rounded out by Bradford J. Macomber on bass and Mitchell C. Belch on guitar/vocals.


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