Sungrazer Post Trailer for New Album

Their set at the Afterburner was one of my personal high points of this year’s Roadburn fest, and though I’m not even really done with their self-titled Elektrohasch debut yet, the three-piece Sungrazer are getting ready to issue the follow-up in the form of Mirador, which is out this week in Europe. It’s always a little while before I get this stuff to review, but I’ve got hopes for this one as being one of the high points of the second half of the year, and as the all-too-short clips below show, there’s a good chance it’ll work out to be just that.

A couple live videos have made their way to the YouTubes as well, but this is a different beast entirely. Check it:

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  1. Perrin says:

    You can listen to the whole album for free on the 3voor12 luisterpaal:

    It’s great stuff :D

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