Monkey3, Beyond the Black Sky: Space is Deep, the Desert is Endless

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“Tuco the Ugly” is more of an interlude at 2:13; a well-placed comedown from “Black Maiden” that provides afterthought to the breadth of that track while also closing out the first half of the record, but more interesting about it is how it plays next to “K.I,” which follows. Where “Tuco the Ugly” relies on acoustic guitar and a foreboding Western ambience perhaps inspired by their take on the theme from Once Upon a Time in the West from Undercover, “K.I” is practically industrial, with Boris’ start-stop riffing, the mechanical-sounding rhythms behind and wash of synth. Since both cuts are the only ones on Beyond the Black Sky under three minutes, and since they’re paired right next to each other, one can’t help but compare them, and though I’m more partial personally to the relaxed, open-country style of “Tuco the Ugly,” there’s no denying that “K.I” grooves and leads well into the organ-ic “Motorcycle Broer,” which finds Picasso at his most present yet, mix-wise, and Boris moving the guitars into atmospheric volume swells when not playing up straightforward rock riffing or – as later in the track – busting out the best solo on Beyond the Black Sky.

And while most of the album has a nighttime aura thematically in terms either of the name, the artwork or the songs contained on it, “Gate 57” feels downright sunny by comparison. Perhaps all the better then that Beyond the Black Sky’s brightest moment should lead into its darkest in closer “Through the Desert,” maybe echoing the naturalist/industrial duality of “Tuco the Ugly” and “K.I” with some musical chiaroscuro. Whether that was Monkey3’s intent or not, I don’t know, but they certainly show a mind for structure in the track order, and putting “Through the Desert” last was invariably the right choice. Where “Camhell” and “Black Maiden” – Beyond the Black Sky’s two other most extended tracks – ebbed and flowed and dropped out and got loud, “Through the Desert” disappears entirely. The most engaging work from dB is met by powerful riffing and soloing from Boris, and there are even some whispered vocals in the cut’s middle and closing movements. Most of all, though, it’s the right place to end the album, because there’s nothing they could have followed it with that wouldn’t have been out of place. As evocative as it is, as driving and as massive as its build becomes at the end, there’s really nowhere else to go at that point but to silence.

Like much Europan instrumental heavy psych, Monkey3 are never going to be for everyone, but their progressive edge, their innate sense of structuring and their willingness to balance the varying sides of their approach make them essential listening for fans of the style. I’ll confess here that this was my first real exposure to the band on a concentrated-listening level, and I found it satisfying enough that I’ll look forward to investigating the Undercover EP as well as their two prior full-lengths, Monkey3 (2003) and 39 Laps (2007), and trying to get a better sense of where they’re coming from stylistically. For now though, as someone who just did so, I can assuredly recommend Beyond the Black Sky as an excellent place to start with Monkey3, and likewise recommend getting started at all, however you should ultimately choose to do so.

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  1. Whoa. That album cover makes me wanna do acid. And by the sound of it, it matches their sound as well.

  2. mikko1 says:

    Pretty good album. At some points it reminds me very much of the finnish psychedelic rock band from the 90’s called Kingston Wall. Check it out:

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