On the Radar: The Burial Tide

Bay Area foursome The Burial Tide specialize in sludge-laden crushing atmospherics, choosing to slow down the likes of Sleep and Eyehategod and complement with synth noise and samples rather than bite off the same Neurosis/Isis line that an endless string of bands seems to want to pretend they just thought of, like, right now. Their debut demo (their demobut, if you’d prefer) is self-titled and was produced by Brainoil‘s Gregg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studio.

Their pacing and their tonality might be familiar, at least to those who’ve felt Sunn and Orange amps vibrate their chest cavity at close range, but The Burial Tide‘s noisy side brings with it an air of individualism and artistry that suits the band well over the course of The Burial Tide‘s two component tracks, “Wayfarer” and “Prophets and Shadows.” The latter cut seems to deteriorate rather than close, and the former keeps a suitable balance between the crushing riffs, harsh vocals and the ambient edge.

They’ve got the social networking spectrum pretty much covered, all the more conveniently so with a page that seems to be specifically dedicated to letting you choose your adventure when it comes to getting in touch with and/or hearing their songs, but because it’s easily accessible and because I can, here’s all of The Burial Tide‘s The Burial Tide, streaming from their Bandcamp page:

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