audiObelisk: Belzebong Post Debut Album for Free Download

A little over a year ago, I did an On the Radar profile series on the Polish stoner scene, and one of the acts highlighted was the goat-obsessed instrumental five-piece Belzebong. Of all the bands (and you can find them at that link, so I don’t need to retread the list) I wrote about over the course of however many weeks it was, Belzebong might have been the most stoned. All riffs, all the time, just locked-in grooves, amp fuzz and heady jams. No claim to anything more than that.

The demos were kind of rough from what I recall, but Belzebong‘s first album, which they released this past Wednesday — 4/20, in case you missed it — is clear and big-sounding, an excellent showcase for the band’s riffy focus. They named the record Sonic Scapes and Weedy Grooves, and despite the grammar, that’s about as apt a description as I could come up with for what they have on offer with the four tracks.

Sonic Scapes and Weedy Grooves is available for free download at Belzebong‘s Bandcamp page, and anyone looking for a riff-fix this Friday afternoon will want also to direct their attention to the player below, where the whole record can be streamed:

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