Roadburn 2011 Adventure: Into Weirdo Canyon

If it wasn’t so purposefully opposite from any mainstream ideal of beauty, you could almost call it beautiful. I’m talking about the strip of bars, restaurants and cafes around the corner from the 013 venue where the legion of black-shirt beardos and beardettes takes its respite: Weirdo Canyon.

I imagine some dangerous passage between two mountains of the old west. Weirdo Canyon‘s not a street, exactly — more of an alley — but there’s a pedestrian and bike lane down the middle and nearly all the bars/restaurants on the left side facing down have tables set up outside. So what you get is a glimpse of what society would be if the doomers took over. It’s like a trip to a dimension where someone elected Saint Vitus president.

Incidentally, vote Vitus in 2012, my fellow Americans.

There’s an element of judgment as you walk down Weirdo Canyon — the people sitting are people-watching, and if you’re one of the people they’re people-watching, then you’re people being watched — but no one actually gives a shit. This is my third year here, and I started to recognize some faces in 2010, and I recognize even more now, but I still know very few. Nonetheless, I don’t think I’ve ever felt cooler than the one or two times I walked down Weirdo Canyon and someone called my name. Last night, in a final killer moment I was too tired and bitched-out to fully appreciate, it was Chris West from Trippy Wicked who flagged me down. Dude has a habit of being awesome at just the right time.

You can eat, you can drink, you can be merry or be doomed: Weirdo Canyon pretty much has it all. Especially weirdos, if I haven’t made that clear. One of the most hilarious parts about coming to Roadburn is sitting at a table, drinking a beer and watching the periodic normals who walk or ride by on their bikes. You’ve never seen such visceral disgust from a middle-aged woman in your whole life. And it’s a blanket thing. You get drenched in it and it rules.

If it had to be one deviant subculture, doom, I’m glad it was you.

Cheers to Roadburn 2011 and all the weirdo gunslingers in the Canyon. Come Monday we’ll give the town back, but for the weekend, there’s no mistaking who’s running the show.

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  1. Stavros Nikos says:

    There’s a fan-shot Roadburn 2011 channel on Vimeo:

    Sorry, no footage of Weirdo Canyon.

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