audiObelisk: Stream a New Thinning the Herd Track Now

Seems like easy math, but if there’s one thing in this world I like, it’s a band from New York City that doesn’t suck. There’s a couple out there, to be sure, but the five boroughs are awash in acts who blow hipster chunks all over the place in some kind of fashion show of who can out-horrible each other, and quality rock is a boon when you find it — which is why I’m into Thinning the Herd. They don’t suck. It’s a pretty simple formula.

As the PR wire previously informed, the NYC trio — led by guitarist/vocalist Gavin Spielman — will release their new full-length, Oceans Rise, this coming Tuesday, April 5, and because I dig the band and because the opportunity to do so was offered, I thought I’d share with you the closing track from the album, “On Fire.” It rules more than a little bit.

Stream it on the player below:

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In case you’re too lazy to click that link above, here’s the info for Oceans Rise again:

Set for release on April 5, 2011, via NYC-based St. Mark’s Records, the eight-song rager Oceans Rise boasts the band’s soulful brew of grunge-fueled, blues-driven, stoner-infused rock, and was put on tape by the engineering masters at Seizures Palace in Brooklyn (Child Abuse, Swans, OvO, Dresden Dolls). The album surges with soul over its 35-minute life span, alive with groove and stories, inciting a trampled but triumphant sense of survival and good times.

Oceans Rise tracklisting:
1. Oceans Rise
2. Look Behind
3. Defiler
4. Chill in the Air
5. Binge
6. Wide Crossing
7. My Wake
8. On Fire

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