Olde Growth Set April Release Date for Self-Titled MeteorCity Debut

Upon sampling their self-titled debut, I thought Boston‘s massively-toned Olde Growth were good enough to justify hanging out in a Jersey basement with a bunch of 20 year olds to see. That’s pretty damn good, as far as I’m concerned. The bass/drums duo have announced they’ll reissue said self-titled through MeteorCity on April 26, and good for them. They made a killer record and the more people who hear it, the better.

The PR wire has info and the scoop from bassist/vocalist Stephen LoVerme:

Heavy Boston, Massachusetts, duo Olde Growth will release its eponymously-titled debut Olde Growth on April 26 via MeteorCity. Recorded by AJ Peters at Black Box Studio (Batillus, Disappearer), the album features seven tracks of powerhouse doom metal “inspired by noise, nature, sound and space.” The group features Stephen LoVerme (bass / vocals) and Ryan Berry (drums), but the sound it delivers is thick enough to make you think they have an army behind them pummeling away.

“We wanted the album to have a raw, immediate quality to it, the kind you get from playing live in the same room together. So that’s exactly what we did,” commented LoVerme. “I think we struck a pretty good balance between raw and polished; the sound is thick, warm and organic, and a listen all the way through will take you on a winding journey through some unexpected places. For our debut record we couldn’t be happier!”

Olde Growth tracklisting:
1. The Grand Illusion (6:47)
2. Life in the Present (5:12)
3. Cry of the Nazgul / The Second Darkness / To the Black Gate (9:55)
4. Sequoia (6:41)
5. Red Dwarf (1:05)
6. Everything Dies (5:45)
7. Awake (10:38)

Olde Growth will celebrate the album’s impending arrival with a record release party and live performance on April 7 at the Church of Boston (69 Kilmarnock Street, Boston, MA). Also appearing at the special show will be the band’s new labelmates Black Pyramid.

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