Label Update: The Maple Forum Has a Webstore

I put out a notice about this over the weekend on Facebook, because I was so nerdishly excited about having successfully constructed it myself, but I figured I’d announce it today too in case not everyone spends all day every day sitting in front of their computer. The Maple Forum now has a BigCartel webstore where you can purchase releases. I know, the Kings Destroy link for Paypal is right in the sidebar, but this is more official-looking, like maybe I’m not just some schlub paying to press bands’ discs and I actually know what I’m doing. Even the appearance of that is a big step, as far as I’m concerned.

Click here to go to the official webstore of The Maple Forum.

That link will also be permanent in the sidebar in case you’re ever wondering how to get there.

There are two Kings Destroy orders waiting to go out (I’ll hit the post office on the way to work tomorrow), which brings us down to a measly 9 copies left. Once those go, it’s gone, so if you want it, now’s the time to get on it.

I’ll be announcing what the third Maple Forum release will be next week, so stay tuned for that, as we’ll have artwork, streaming tracks and all that good type of stuff over the coming however long until it’s out.

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