Top 20 of 2010 #2: Grinderman, Grinderman 2

Even now, as my ears (for what feels like the first time) hear the ultra-low-mixed acoustic guitar that lets me at last make sense of centerpiece track “What I Know,” I feel like Grinderman 2 has been outrunning me for about four months straight. Since I first got the album — Grinderman‘s second, if it needs to be said — in August, I’ve been infected by it. It’s one of those records, man. Every song is a classic. The Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds side-project has simply kicked my ass. I didn’t see it coming.

The sleezy poetry of “Kitchenette” and the devastating crashes of “When My Baby Comes.” The unhinged cacophony of “Evil” and the groove-guitar paradise of “Bellringer Blues.” Grinderman 2 skirts between genres on a track-by-track basis, has a one-song stand with all of them, and then moves immediately to the next. Fucking “Worm Tamer?” Cheeseball innuendo never sounded so good.

I know I never reviewed it, and the only mention Grinderman ever got on this site was a Frydee video post, but Grinderman 2 has been a constant. Days and nights when I’ve finished listening to whatever needed to be reviewed, this is the album I’ve reached for the most, the album I’ve tried to absorb the most, the album to which I’ve done the most shotgun-riding drunken sing-alongs. And always, something new. And always, genius. When I die, bury me in this.

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