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As someone who has continually used not just as a place to put reviews and promote this site, but also as a way of finding new bands and discovering things I may have missed, learning more about this genre, the news today that the site is down for good hits almost too hard to put into words. Thank you to Dan and Melanie for your years of service to the community and, hell, for being the community. There is a huge void left in the wake of the site, and it’s going to be a long time before anything can take its place.

Amidst the splinter cells of blogs out there (this one included), was the central location that had the power to bring everyone together. It unified the scene and gave an outlet to both bands and fans that, now, simply doesn’t exist.

Dan and Melanie posted a statement on the site this morning, and it’s with a heavy heart that I reproduce it here: R.I.P.
December 15, 1999 – November 29, 2010

On November 29, 2010, the website was suddenly sucked into the void. We did everything we could do, but it was not possible to save it.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the community supporters, forums administrators and content contributors. You can give yourselves a high five for keeping online for an extra year. Thank you!

We are not revealing any details about what happened because we don’t want to give the perpetrators any satisfaction or notoriety.

From now on we will be 100 percent devoted to our other websites, All That is Heavy and MeteorCity. We hope that you will continue to support us in our continued efforts to bring the rock to the people.

This is our final statement with regards to and this very difficult situation. Our heads are spinning. We are devastated.

Sincerely and regretfully,
Dan & Melanie

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  1. Thanks, Skillit! I didn’t want to speak directly for Dan, but i’m just putting two and two together from what he’d told me, as well as what he officially went public with, last year, on I’d donated some money and bought some stuff, but i’m not sure what type of money needed to be given to keep around….and how frequently it may have been needed. I wasn’t really clear on that, but then again, maybe Dan was trying to figure out how much above the
    debt line (or how much acceptably under the debt line) he may have needed to be, to convince himself to continue forward. Sales having dropped from All That Is Heavy/ Meteor City was something that made the continuity of difficult, seeing as that the goal of was to divert people to ATIH and Meteor City, and vice versa.

    I’d noticed that the band banner advertising had been nixed in the last half a year or so….perhaps he felt that it wasn’t doing anything for sales. He’d mentioned that originally, charged for banner advertising which helped to defray some of the costs at the website, but since bands stopped buying that advertising because it wasn’t effective for sales (or at least that’s my assumption), that the free advertising was suddenly no longer effective for either the bands/ labels, nor All That Is Heavy/ Meteor City. For a few years, perhaps the banner advertising was still emphasized since maybe the decline in sales may have been perceived as temporary, and that it was meant to still have an air of importance there. As a band and label that dealt with ATIH and Dan, I can say that he truly helped out and gave a damn when no one else did. I thank him for allowing that free advertising there and getting the promos that I sent him into the right hands at the website. And somehow, I think that the prestige that had, it had really helped my band and label out in unison. I’m not quite sure if what i’m doing would be perceived in quite the same way anymore, if I were to start doing this now, rather than years ago. I’m lucky to have benefitted from that community, and I have to thank Dan for his invaluable support and help.

    Kudos to the other people that gave money, as well, though.

    And kudos to Dan for taking the high road on the demise of

    Sorry for the long assed posts, guys, but I thought that i’d weigh in with my thoughts and with what information I have regarding the situation.

  2. asshat mcgillicuddy says:

    bridget was a cunt

  3. dmal says:

    Check out this copycat site.

  4. dmal says:

    I think they may have actually been targetted by a hacker. I cannot fathom why.

  5. Dnice says:

    late to post, but I was greatly saddened by the end of as well.
    absolutely terrific resource for me musically. And it felt like, in the last couple years, we were just starting to scratch the surface on some really amazing discussions about related genres besides typical stoner rock. For avid heavy rock and metal enthusiasts, it really was the pinnacle site for music. big respect from this guy. (Dan in Boston)

  6. Dr. Doom says:

    So sad. was an unbelievable way to find new music. I would never have heard of bands like Orange Goblin, Kylesa, Torche etc. This is a huge loss and I don’t know how it will ever be replaced. RIP. :-(

  7. Hydrobrew says:

    I would not be the man I am today without and Kelly Bundy.

  8. heavy kevy says:

    thanks dan and melanie for the years of service.i tried to spread the word for support. some embraced some were close minded. couldnt grasp that you can get into music thats not on most store shelves. wouldnt have picked up on kyuss,fu manchu,a.t.p.,nebula,lowrider as well many many all over texas the last 15 yrs. stonerock is not getting any airplay maybe on occasioal q.o.t.s.a. play. w.t.f. ? the genre will exist to some extent and that is what matters the most.thanks again !

  9. tim says:

    there’s still’s board, though, right?

  10. Jake Williamson says:

    Hey guys, we are an Australian band and we have just released a new film clip and we consider ourselves heavily influenced by stoner rock bands such as Fu Manchu, Kyuss, Red Fang. If you could please have a listen to our stuff (it’s pretty descent) and maybe give it a spin on Obelisk radio that would be rad!!

    Here’s some links

    Thanks for your consideration


  11. Joe says:

    Sadly missed! The greatest thing about the community was the knowledge. didn’t just put me on to countless stoner/doom bands, it was the obscure rock stuff. I thought I was pretty good on my heavy 70’s bands hardly any one had heard of before using that site.

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