audiObelisk Transmission 008: Small Stone Records Digital Showcase


In honor of the label’s upcoming showcase in Philadelphia (info here) later in September, I’ve decided this month’s audiObelisk transmission should highlight some of the best contributions from Detroit‘s Small Stone Records. The biggest challenge in making this installment wasn’t deciding what to include in terms of bands, but where to stop. It’s about three hours long, and I probably could have gone another easily.

I wanted to include some of Small Stone‘s classic output, from bands like Acid King, The Men of Porn and Five Horse Johnson, and I had to make sure the current and new faces were represented as well: Gozu, Skanska Mord, House of Broken Promises. And just when I thought I was all set to go, I realized I’d forgotten to include Sasquatch. Don’t even ask me how. I was all converted, uploaded, labeled and live, and the next thing I knew I broke out III and ripped the opener, reconverted, re-uploaded, so on and so forth. I don’t know if that’s dedicated or dumb.

Either way, it’s worth being both, given all that Small Stone has done for the genre over the course of the last decade-plus. We start off with some love for Jersey, which the label has always been ready to show. Halfway to Gone, doing “Great American Scumbag.” It’s a song I think sums up a lot of what it means to be into this kind of music in this day and age. As always, I hope you dig it and the rest of the transmission, which is the longest yet at over three hours and featuring 35 bands. This one’s easily my favorite so far.

And if you’re wondering what the image is above, it’s the Detroit airport.

You know the drill: Full tracklist after the jump, stream the file above or download it here. As requested, I included time stamps for when each song starts.

0:00:03 Halfway to Gone, “Great American Scumbag” from Second Season (2002)

0:03:14 Roadsaw, “Who Do You Think You Are” from See You in Hell! (2008)

0:06:40 Gozu, “Regal Beagle” from Locust Season (2010)

0:10:32 Acid King, “On to Everafter” from III (2005)

0:16:43 Tia Carrera, “Gypsies” from The Quintessential (2009)

0:22:47 Sun Gods in Exile, “Eye for an Eye” from Black Light, White Lines (2009)

0:26:46 Dixie Witch, “Set the Speed” from Smoke and Mirrors (2006)

0:31:14 Throttlerod, “This Town” from Starve the Dead (2004)

0:36:10 Lord Sterling, “Hidden Flame” from Today’s Song for Tomorrow (2004)

0:42:16 VALIS, “Under Satan’s Will” from Dark Matter (2009)

0:46:18 Novadriver, “Sleep” from Void (2001)

0:49:59 Red Giant, “Easy, Killer” from Dysfunctional Majesty (2010)

0:55:52 Greenleaf, “Ride Another Highway” from Agents of Ahriman (2007)

0:58:29 Five Horse Johnson, “Lightning When I Need” from Fat Black Pussycat (1999)

1:02:38 A Thousand Knives of Fire, “Bonie Maronie” from Sucking the ‘70s: Back in the Saddle Again (2007)

1:06:27 Honky, “Trespassin’” from Balls out Inn (2005)

1:09:32 The Glasspack, “Mopar Fire Paint” from Powderkeg (2002)

1:14:42 Luder, “Hot, Girl-on-Girl, Vampire Action” from Sonoluminescence (2009)

1:21:21 The Men of Porn, “Sister (Valium Mix)” from Experiments in Feedback (2001)

1:26:37 Iota, “The Sleeping Heathen” from Tales (2008)

1:37:16 Obiat, “Nomad Nomind” from Eye Tree Pi (2009)

1:42:47 Dozer, “Drawing Dead” from Through the Eyes of Heathens (2005)

1:47:02 Solace, “From Below” from A.D. (2010)

1:56:55 Puny Human, “Number of the Beauty” from Universal Freak Out (2007)

2:01:26 Hackman, “Monoceros” from Enterprises (2008)

2:05:58 Bottom, “The Same” from You’rNext (2005)

2:10:43 Mos Generator, “Sleeping Your Way to the Middle” from Songs for Future Gods (2007)

2:15:16 The Brought Low, “My Favorite Waste of Time” from Third Record (2010)

2:21:29 Los Natas, “Hombre de Metal” from Nuevo Orden de la Libertad (2009)

2:26:57 Erik Larson, “Our Voice” from The Resounding (2003)

2:32:27 Skånska Mord, “Two in the Mourning” from The Last Supper (2010)

2:38:34 House of Broken Promises, “Buried Away” from Using the Useless (2009)

2:43:43 Axehandle, “All Redheads are Crazy” from Axehandle (2004)

2:50:43 Sons of Otis, “Lost Soul” from Exiled (2008)

2:57:15 Sasquatch, “Get out of Here” from III (2010)

Download audiObelisk Transmission 008 here.

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  2. Lolic says:

    Time stamps AND year of release, we are spoiled!
    Thank you very much

  3. JT says:

    Very cool man. You do damn good work, and it’s VERY appreciated. Thanks for this!

  4. Scott says:

    damn fine work. Month after month you outdo yourself

  5. blehhh says:

    Thanks very much, now I’ll download it if my computer will actually let me skp through the damn thing in WMP while my web browser is open.

  6. Ricardo Mora says:

    This was really an eyeopener, Luder just pushed all the right buttons in me. I was already in love with Dozer, Lo-Pan and Roadsaw but now I can appreciate even more the work of Small Stone Records throughout the years.

    Thanks again.

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