Roareth Sales Update: Four Copies Left!

I just got back from the post office, sending out the latest three packages of sold Roareth CDs to New York, Illinois and France, so if you ordered it and live in one of those places, keep your eye on the mail. If you haven’t yet bought a copy of Roareth‘s Acts I-VI on The Obelisk‘s house label, The Maple Forum, I highly suggest you do so, both because it rules and because I’ve only got four copies left. Four copies and then they’re gone. You can see why I’d consider it an urgent matter.

Thanks to everyone who’s bought and told me they enjoyed the record. I know the band is stoked on it and so am I. Guitarist Aaron Edge sent me an email today actually with a few pics from their set at the wedding of Tad (who recorded Acts I-VI) and Peggy Doyle, both of Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. It certainly looks like drummer/vocalist Ben McIsaac had a good time, as I’m sure did all who were in attendance. Lesbian and Mico de Noche also played.

In case you missed it, I recently posted all of Acts I-VI for your streaming pleasure. Here it is again, complete with the link to buy the record. Once more, I hope you dig it as much as I do:

Roareth Acts I-VI

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