On the Radar: Fog Wizard

It’s hard not to like a band like Fog Wizard. The double-guitar Boston five-piece play reckless sludge and couldn’t give a fuck one way or another about convention, accessibility, whatever. Even the layout of their MySpace page will give you a headache if you look at it long enough. Their demo, Enter the Fog, is available for listening in its entirety there for anyone who think their constitution can stand up to it.

How do I know Fog Wizard don’t give a fuck? Look at their stage names: Captain Motherfucker on vocals, Tan Vovan and Tone Gavone on guitar, Jimmy “Bug Bomb” Sizzlak on bass and Mr. Peebles on drums? Come on. If that’s not enough, one listen to “Fear the Kraken” is all it’ll take for convincing. It sounds like a rehearsal space recording with Captain Motherfucker‘s vocals added on top. You know how Boston has a reputation for being an angry kind of town? Well, yeah. There you go.

If your eyes can take it, make sure you read their hyper-sarcastic bio, which is not to be missed, and though I thought “Murder Train” might be a Dethklok cover, it was not. That’s the only song in their player not on Enter the Fog, and I don’t know where it comes from, but it rocks. Sometimes it’s just great to find a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously and just wanted to kick a little ass. Sludge on, brothers.

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