Vermont Adventure, Take 2: Arrival Again

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I kept track of the evening’s playlist for anyone interested…

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There you go, just in case you want to recreate my driving to VT experience later. Amazing that it’s only really five albums. Felt much longer than that at the time.

I should take a moment to explain the blurry-ass image above. Firstly, when I got back here I was going to take a picture of the sky, the stars, the very-visible Milky Way, etc., but it’s cloudy (rained off and on the whole way up), so that’s out. Instead, I took a picture of what’s probably the biggest non-captive spider I’ve ever seen, currently residing outside — thankfully — the bathroom window of the cabin in which I and The Patient Mrs. are staying. We’ve named him Richard Nixon, because no other name would do.

You can’t really see in the photo here, it being night and all, but his web is actually a complex three-dimensional series of webs, and it’s pretty impressive. The Patient Mrs. looked it up and apparently he’s what’s known in the arachnid-centric community as an “Orb Weaver,” which is about the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. If I don’t get a demo mailed to me in the next six months by a band called Orb Weaver, I’m going to be seriously let down.

Richard Nixon the Orb Weaver. Awesome.

I’ll be back in Jersey next week either Wednesday or Thursday through Sunday, but until then, it’s back to school-type work up here. I have a lot of reviews I want to get to though, and interviews that need posting, so stick around. More to come. End 1:49AM

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