Valkyrie’s Second Album Reissued Today

It was originally put out in 2008 on the band’s own Noble Origins imprint with Kreation Records handling the vinyl, but Valkyrie‘s Man of Two Visions is now seeing a CD repress thanks to MeteorCity.

I wouldn’t usually print this as news, but Man of Two Visions really is an excellent album and deserves to be heard by as many people as possible. Plus, the band seem to be treating this like a first release rather than a reissue, and if it’s good enough for the Adams brothers, it’s good enough for my ass.

The PR wire has the following to say about it:

Virginia-based heavy rock band Valkyrie see the release of its sophomore album today.  The band – driven by brothers Jake and Pete Adams (also of fast-rising rock unit Baroness) – will release Man of Two Visions on July 6 via MeteorCity.

Valkyrie self-released two demos and a 7” record over the course of 2004-2005 and in 2006, saw the release of its self-titled debut, which was engineered by Chris Kozlowski (Pentagram, Trouble, The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, The Melvins, Blue Cheer). Now with a fully realized vision and a wealth of hard earned experience under its belt, the band has created an album that will resonate deeply with its diehard supporters and impact new music fans with a bold statement of intent.

The track listing for Valkyrie’s Man of Two Visions is as follows:
1. Running Out
2. Dawntide’s Breeze
3. Green Highlander
4. Apocalypse Unsealed
5. False Dreams
6. The Gorge
7. Man of Two Visions

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