On the Radar: Drone Throne

I know Arizona‘s a bit of a hot topic right now, what with the fascism and all, but Gilbert natives Drone Throne sent me their demo a little while back saying they liked the site, so if I was boycotting it (I wasn’t, because the idea of boycotting a state is stupid), I’ll cross the picket line for this. Call me a scab, but Drone Throne‘s fuck-all sludge is nasty enough that I’m pretty sure no one would even try to hit me with a cardboard sign. Normal people are terrified of this stuff.

A trio comprised of Garrett Ranous on guitar and vocals, Alex Bank Rollins on drums and vocals and Brian Bank Rollins on bass, Drone Throne has been around for roughly two years, and their fiery take on sludge shows an immediacy for it. Tracks from the demo like “Skatin’ with Satan” and “Getting High at the Gates of Hell,” both streamable on the band’s MySpace, are definitely lo-fi, but there’s something about the buzzsaw guitar tone that just makes everything sound that much dirtier and heavier. It’s like Drone Throne‘s sludge is made of previously chewed desert sand.

Both their self-titled demo and their split with Tempe six-piece TOAD have been put out by France‘s Boue Records and are available for purchase. The material on the split is a little cleaner production-wise, but still has plenty of grit. The riffs lead the way and anger follows. Future-type recording plans are a mystery, but Drone Throne will be opening for Zoroaster, Black Tusk and Dark Castle when their tour comes rolling through Arizona on June 22. If you’re in the area, tell them I said hi.

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