Go to This Show: The Obelisk Presents Kings Destroy, The Nolan Gate and Choirs of Titan in Hoboken on May 8

You know damn well I wouldn’t be recommending a show in the hipster hellpit known as Hoboken, NJ, if it wasn’t going to be an incredible time — never mind presenting it, which apparently I do now. Got my hands in everything this week, I guess.

May 8, the NYHC doom supergroup Kings Destroy, whose debut 7″ will be reviewed here shortly, The Nolan Gate (one of my favorite underrated Jersey bands) and Orange-amped riff rockers Choirs of Titan hit stage for a kegger in a Hoboken warehouse space. If you’re nearby and looking for an alternative to the douchebaggery that permeates so much of that town on a given Saturday night, this is the place to be.

It’s more like a house show than one of those dipshit $6 Miller Lite indie rock extravaganzas the rest of the town will be getting down with, so come down to 123 Harrison St. at 9pm sharp and we’ll doom out and raise a toast to being the ones keeping the zombies at bay. Here’s to it. See you there.

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