Music for Journeys Large and Small

I’ve never traveled in a way that could be described as “epic,” and I can only assume that’s also the reason why I’ve never been accompanied by the disembodied soundtrack of Grand Magus, Sweden‘s foremost purveyors of epic power doom. One assumes such travel would have to involve fighting with medieval weaponry, so whether or not it’s worth it, I couldn’t say. Maybe if you really knew how to handle a broadsword.

In any case, I am embarking on a journey for the rest of this and most of next week, to the hopefully pleasant climes of San Francisco, and to mark the occasion, I’ve embedded a promo video containing new material from the forthcoming Grand Magus album, Hammer of the North — which, were I a crude man, is what I would name my genitalia.

I’ll be checking in from time to time, hopefully to report on successful record shopping excursions to Amoeba Records in San Francisco proper and Berkeley, Aquarius Records and anywhere else I can find that’ll have me. I’ll also be seeing Seattle riff specialists Snail at Kimo’s next Tuesday, to which I’m very much looking forward. Provided I have the opportunity, I’ll report on March’s numbers tomorrow, and we can all congratulate each other on this nifty little website we’ve built.

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  1. greenskeeper says:

    Amoeba is ridiculously awesome. Sell some blood and mortgage the house – you’re gonna need the cash.

    Check out Shaxul Records on Haight too — metal as fuck record shop.

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