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I like newbie bands. I like bands who come out of nowhere, release their own stuff and play music because they love to do it. That’s how the genre grows. I don’t get nearly as psyched about some band putting out their eighth record in 12 years, who haven’t done anything to change their sound for half their career and are just pumping out formulaic songs, as I do about getting a hold of a new demo from a group I’ve never heard before, whose approach is still growing, who maybe haven’t even figured out how they want to sound yet. That’s exciting, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. A song could go anywhere, and even if it doesn’t most of the time, giving it a shot is usually worth the gamble.

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The bottom line is that Arrowhead are worth checking out if you haven’t yet, and whether or not you choose to purchase the EP (for sale through the band) will depend entirely on the level of originality you require from the release. If you’re thinking this is going to be Blues for the Red Sun, adjust your expectations, but for those with a more realistic attitude and the desire to hear a new band starting out gain a catchy foothold on an already well-established sound, Arrowhead comes out just right.

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