Mondo Drag Stream Daytrotter Session

If you’re anything like me, you probably looked at that headline and said to yourself, “What the hell is a Daytrotter Session?” It’s a fair question for those of us non-Iowans, but the recently-reviewed Davenport psych rockers Mondo Drag know all about it, and that’s what’s important. They recently stopped in to perform four songs from their debut album, New Rituals, for the Napoleon Dynamite-designed website, and they’ve all been posted online for your streaming and/or downloading pleasure. Why — here’s “New Rituals” now!

Mondo Drag – New Rituals

The PR wire has the goods on the rest:

Fast-rising heavy psych rock band Mondo Drag is featured as [Feb. 12]’s Daytrotter Session (“The Wolves and the Hallucinogens are Crying Kill”). The original versions of the songs featured appear on the band’s debut album, New Rituals, which is in stores now — on CD and limited edition red LP — via Alive RecordsMondo Drag becomes “the first band currently living in the Quad-Cities area to earn a spot alongside all of the other great artists that have visited the Horseshack” (a list which includes artists such as Bon Iver, Dungen, The Mountain Goats, The Soft Pack, Yeasayer and more). Check out Mondo Drag’s Daytrotter Session now at this location.

Wouldn’t you know, here’s the other songs from the session!

Mondo Drag, “Come Through”
Come Through

Mondo Drag, “Love Me (Like a Stranger)”
Love Me (Like a Stranger)

Mondo Drag, “Light as a Feather”
Light as a Feather

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