audiObelisk Transmission 001: The Best of 2009

This octopus was one of the best things about 2009.

[NOTE: As per Phaseinducer‘s comment, I’ve changed the host where you can get the file to Since they allow for direct linking, there’s a player below. Thanks to all for reading and downloading.]

audioObelisk Transmission 001

You may have noticed the fancypants banner on the right of the page (or the one above). It’s true, I put together a podcast. Sort of. I know dick-all about podcasting, so it’s basically just a collection of killer tunes for anyone interested. Before you decide to get the file (or don’t), there are a couple things you should know:

? These songs are all my rips.
? They were ripped directly from physical media (CDs) to wav form — no digital sources allowed — compiled in Sony SoundForge 10 and then converted to 256k mp3 for better sound quality than standard iPodular fare.
? The file is 279mb, and there is two and a half hours’ worth of music.
? I chose not to inject myself into the proceedings in some kind of DJ form. If this becomes a regular thing, I reserve the right to do so in the future.
? If I don’t get a serious response from this, I likely won’t do it again, because it’s time-consuming all around. Please share with someone you care about and tell them where you got it.

Because I wouldn’t have you go into this thing blind, the track list is after the jump. If you notice some glaring omissions (off the top of my head, I can think of Katatonia, House of Broken Promises, Snail and Paradise Lost, though I’m sure there are others), it’s probably because I didn’t have a physical copy of the album. Can’t win ’em all. Appropriately, we start with Clutch

The audiObelisk Transmission 001:

Clutch, “Let a Poor Man Be” from Strange Cousins from the West (Weathermaker)

Firebird, “Gold Label” from Grand Union (Rise Above)

YOB, “Burning the Altar” from The Great Cessation (Profound Lore)

Shrinebuilder, “Pyramid of the Moon” from Shrinebuilder (Neurot)

Lo Pan, “Kurtz” from Sasquanaut (Nice Life)

Ol’ Scratch, “Infernal Judgement” from The Sunless Citadel (Self-Released)

Black Sabbath, “Lord of this World” outtake with slide guitar and piano from Master of Reality Deluxe Edition (Sanctuary)

Om, “Meditation is the Practice of Death” from God is Good (Drag City)

Iron Man, “Curse the Ages (Curse Me) from I Have Returned (Shadow Kingdom)

Church of Misery, “Born to Raise Hell (Richard Speck)” from Houses of the Unholy (Rise Above)

Yawning Sons, “Garden Sessions, Pt. 3” from Ceremony to the Sunset (Lexicon Devil)

Siena Root, “Over the Mountains” from Different Realities (Transubstans)

Los Natas, “Resistiendo Dolor” from Nuevo Orden de la Libertad (Small Stone)

Wino, “Release Me” from Punctuated Equilibrium (Southern Lord)

Dali’s Llama, “Theocracy” from Raw is Real (Dali’s Llama)

Black Pyramid, “Mirror Messiah” from Black Pyramid (MeteorCity)

Truckfighters, “The New High” from Mania (Fuzzorama)

Them Crooked Vultures, “No One Loves Me and Neither Do I” from Them Crooked Vultures (Interscope)

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, “I Am” from Demo 2009 (Self-Released)

Crippled Black Phoenix, “444” from 200 Tons of Bad Luck (Invada)

Fu Manchu, “Against the Ground,” from Signs of Infinite Power (Century Media)

Masters of Reality, “Testify to Love,” from Pine/Cross Dover (Brownhouse)

Throttlerod, “Hum” from Pig Charmer (Small Stone)

Naam, “Skyling Slip” from Naam (Tee Pee)

Pelican, “Ephemeral” from What We all Come to Need (Southern Lord)

Swallow the Sun, “…And Heavens Cried Blood” from New Moon (Spinefarm)

Click here to get the file.


14 Responses to “audiObelisk Transmission 001: The Best of 2009”

  1. Zodiac Lung says:

    GREAT idea! I love it. It’s surely making Monday morning here at the office more tolerable. By the way how much snow did you get? None way up here in Maine.

    Putting one of these together is a royal pain in the ass, but all the positive feedback is the payoff…and I hope you are paid in spades my friend. Being a blogger who regularly (sorta) puts together comps (SWAMP COMP…it’s been written about here) I know the work it takes.

    If I could offer some constrictive criticism, it would only be sequencing. It is huge. The first two tracks went well and then it was like a swift kick in the nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new YOB album and that is a great track, but I was in a grove and then I was pulled out of it hard. You gotta build up to it and then finish smooth, leaving a clean taste on the listener’s audio palette and wanting them to come back for repeated listens. More than once I have made an analogy between my musical tastes and to that of my alcohol preferences (Check out my random thoughts on it here in the about me section. It’s ridiculous how long it has been since I updated that profile…MySpace is so passé…as is most online “social networking.”). If you enjoy a fine micro-brewed beer (alcoholic beverage of choice) or nice, inexpensive wine (they do exist), you’ll know what I mean.

    That’s my only suggestion for next time and I really hope that there is a next time. Can I ask why you put it up in the form of a podcast instead of a compilation of individual tracks? Maybe it’s more acceptable to the bands included? Did you set up a free account for yourself on the file hosting site? I ask because sometimes the best gauge of how much people are into it is the number of times it has been downloaded vs. the number of comments. An account even a free one will track the number of downloads (Swamp Comp Vol I…680+ so far). In a month you get 10,000 hits, but how many comments do you get? Comparatively, not many I am gonna guess. It is the bane of all bloggers, as I am sure you know.

    Lastly I think the process you used to rip the CDs and get them to mp# format may have been more involved than necessary.

    I hope my comments are received well. More than anything I would like to see this become very successful for you and encourage you to make it something of a regular thing.

    Thank you for the early Christmas present.

    ROCK ON!!

  2. Phaseinducer says:

    Why not setup some sort of streaming option for files like this on the page? You can host audio files at for free and embed a player into your page to facilitate this. Just a thought ;-)

    Keep up the fine work……

  3. It’s awesome, but Zodiaclung is right, an account might be better to see how popular it is. And the sequencing is quite important. Also his comment about the proces to rip the CDs might be right.
    I do think that the podcast format might be better than individual tracks, it forces you to listen to the whole compilation instead of skipping through the tracks that you know.

    Keep up the good work and the good posts!

  4. Cheeto says:

    Thanx for taking the time to make this podcast. I’ll have to agree with everything Zodiac Lung said. Zodiac gave you a nice plug on the Swamp, so you should get plenty of traffic from there, anyways. Keep up the great work you do on your blog.

  5. The podcast is a great idea and a nice gift for your blog readers. Awesome compilation! Keep up the good work!

  6. shrimpfist says:

    thanks for going through the trouble it must have been putting this together. It’s making all the x-mas crapola bearable. I’ve at least liked and almost loved all the tracks. I have a request for next time though, some Obiat. They need and deserve some exposure. They opened for Orange Goblin in Leicester UK once. Orange Goblin got a crowd around 50-70ish which is good for Leicester, but only 5 of these people bothered to listen to Obiat first. They though it was better to stand huddled in the doorway or around the bar. ugh! Sorry I know it has little to do with this post but I just had to get it off my chest, its been pent up for years!

    anyway, thanks for this, please do it again some time.

  7. Scott says:

    A huge chunk of ambition to make a solid mix of what you think in your ear is solid to your readership. This has been quite a schooling for me of your presentation. I’ve found everything quite real and moving to your writings. I’ve not learned from anything but finer. I could pick out the players that I know, notwithstanding, but have been drawn to everything in between, making this more of an odyssey than a journey. Hard to relive the first playing of Them Crooked Vultures into Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, which has been a digital testament in repeat this afternoon, working on my truck with this day of decent weather. I’m a huge fan of Brothers, so I was surprised of their inclusion (Do you have that demo? Do you have the new split?). All in all, no one has hit this mark with such thoughtfulness and lack of time we all have. I’ve enjoyed what you’ve presented upon immensely. Wishing you the best in 2010.

  8. number7 says:

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I only wish that Asteroid’s new album would have been released earlier so they could be included too. Please consider making more of these compilations. I’m sure everyone enjoyed this one.

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  11. Morcego says:

    Thank you so much for taking on this project! I have been scouring the internet trying to find a podcast or radio show to broaden my listening exposure to the great tracks in doom, sludge, stoner, drone, etc. for a while now.
    This is really a great resource on the net! Keep it up, I will be listening!

  12. Ricardo says:

    To be honest I had only listened to the Sverigecast, this thing of one song per artist it’s kind of tricky for me and I rather listen to complete albums whenever possible. However I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast, the selection it’s great and despite a few unexpected twists and turns it really got me into a groove. Thanks for putting this up.

  13. Aldrip says:

    Recently came across this site and gave audioObelisk Transmission 040 a listen and liked. Alot! Although some more than others – shades of Ufomammut mixed with Hawkwind in places. Nice! Lots of new bands to discover.
    Thought I’d better start at the beginning with the first Podcast to see where this all came from.
    Keep this good work going man!

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