Bootleg Theater: Crippled Black Phoenix Share the Love

I was reading a book last night wherein the narrator/protagonist talked about her generation being defined by external forces — for example, overly affected by the weather. As I sit in front of my computer in the cold, grey-sky valley and watch a large spider enact a nature special on some kind of insect it’s caught just outside my window, I can’t help but agree. Any minute now it’s going to start raining.

Some albums you keep going back to, and one of those for me is Crippled Black Phoenix‘s A Love of Shared Disasters. I haven’t heard the follow-up, 200 Tons of Bad Luck, yet, owing mostly to finances and other purchases made instead, but the debut is one that has stayed in at least semi-regular rotation since I bought it back in 2007. If you haven’t gotten on board yet, here’s the avant folk of “Really, How’d it Get This Way?” set to clips from Dr. Who. Not the most party-ready start to a weekend, but hey man, only Andrew WK can party all the time.

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