The Last Hackman

As Hackman‘s Darryl Shepard said when he announced the band was breaking up, there were three new songs. Well, thanks to StonerRock posting the link, you can get ’em now while they’re free. Still sorry to see these dudes go. Hopefully it doesn’t stick and we all get to be excited about a reunion in the near future.

Darryl's got his head down.Boston‘s Hackman recently disbanded. Prior to the break-up, the four-piece recorded three new songs at Mad Oak Studios with Devin Charette. They are available for downloading at this location. Hackman guitarist Darryl Shepard describes the tracks as such:

?Brokeback Hoboken? – total guitar overkill. we would’ve played more solos but we ran out of notes.

?Herculean? – tuned down to A. Title fits the music perfectly.

?Mangrove? – a song about a tree.

Hackman released two full-length albums, The New Normal and Enterprises, on Small Stone Records.

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