Cavalcade’s Puns, Punches and Pigeons

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Sundry references pop up in the titles apart from the Christmas Story, Hannibal and Matthew Sweet ones Who doesn't love a boat?already noted. “Homeward Bound (and Gagged)” is bound to bring a smile to anyone looking at the back of the CD, as is closer “Eccentric Funeral.” Cleverness, it seems, is endemic. But unlike the swoopy-haired metalcore kids who’ve made the notion of a silly song title annoying, Cavalcade aren’t talking about high school girlfriends or the ubiquitous “tonight.” Into Bolivian, lyrically, is an exploration of schizophrenia and human madness in general — “Riding Elephants into Cartilage,” for example, is about Mike Tyson. And the themes are well suited to the music.

It’s not an easy or friendly listen — apart perhaps from the C.O.C. groove of “These Bastard Years” — but Cavalcade succeed in challenging their audience to keep up with them, twisting and turning and thumping their sound in multiple directions while Warren rasps “Pigeon is the new religion” on opener “My Pigeon, Julias,” which tells the tale of Joseph Zeman, the pigeon man of Chicago who died in late 2007. So while it goes without saying that Into Bolivian is going to alienate many, there will also be a specific ear which will cling to it. What might be best about the album overall is that it makes ambivalence impossible. Anyone hearing Into Bolivian is going to have an opinion one way or the other. Mine is pretty positive.

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