Dream Tour: Cathedral, Grand Magus, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin and Solace

Cathedral are up against a wall.No, it’s not news. If it was, it would be this color. But just think about it: the tour dates are announced, you read it on Blabbermouth or on StonerRock ? or, Iommi forbid, you read it here ? and you see that coming to whatever midsized venue nearest you, wherever you are in the US, is the package tour of Cathedral, Grand Magus, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin, with Solace opening. Full US run of shows, probably 40 dates or so. All the old-man doom you can handle and then some.

Grand Magus could use this boat to come to the US!Of course, it would never happen. Even Maurizio Iocono of Kataklysm (and now the Roman-styled Amon Amarth-esque Ex Deo), who put together Paganfest this and last year couldn?t pull it off ? though I?d be more than happy to see him try. They could even package it as the America is Doomed Tour and sell shirts that have a picture of the country in red with a huge pentagram over it. Shit, I?d wear that shirt. I?d probably camp outside of Blender Theater in NYC to get it, too.

Actually, if any one of these bands decided to do a US tour, let alone all of them, it would rule. Even Solace, who play not irregularly around where I live, would be great to see on the road. Just because they kick that much ass.

But ah, to dream? Here?s about the closest thing we?ll ever get:

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3 Responses to “Dream Tour: Cathedral, Grand Magus, Electric Wizard, Orange Goblin and Solace”

  1. Woody says:

    I had to really read this to be sure this wasn’t happening. Would be nice, though.

  2. john says:

    yea how bout some other old man band from jersey opening this show
    you know who im talkin about

  3. youknowit says:

    the year was 2006. europe. CATHEDRAL/ELECTRIC WIZARD & GRAND MAGUS all toured together. DOOMED TRINITY.

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