Notes from Roadburn

Who doesn't love a logo?It’s Friday at 3:07pm. I slept until about 2pm, but woke up just long enough around 10 to write up a review of yesterday for the kind folks at Brooklyn Vegan, who will be publishing it, thus justifying my being here. To be honest, it wasn’t much of a review, but I wasn’t much of a conscious human being when I wrote it, so it is what it is.

Today is Church of Misery, Colour Haze, Cathedral and Saint Vitus. The reason I’m here. The show goes until 2am. It’s a late one, and I think Orange Goblin — who blew everyone else off the stage yesterday — are doing some kind of DJ thing afterwards at a bar. I keep hearing the words “metal disco.” Life is full of adventure.

Leaving the Hotel Ibis in a couple minutes to get over to 013 where the festival is happening. At some point I will post a Buried Treasure of all the records I bought. It will probably be as long an entry as the Heaven and Hell review was. I’ll check back in probably tomorrow, if I wake up on time, with more. Till then, cheers from Holland and Roadburn.

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  1. greenskeeper says:

    Brooklyn Vegan?? Are you gonna move to Bushwick and start wearing an ascot? Heh.

  2. joust1 says:

    pic’s or gtfo

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