Elder Vinyl Due in May

What you see is what you get. (Photo by Ryan Boyd)Here’s some good news for vinyl heads who may have missed it about recent Obelisk interviewees, Elder from Electric Earth Records via StonerRock.com:

[EARTH.05]?ELDER ? Self Titled LP
Announced earlier to be a March release, but due to some artwork issues, we have to delay this album to May. Downtuned psychedelic stoner doom, not unlike the overlords Sleep. MeteorCity handles the CD and we do the exclusive vinyl edition wrapped in a nice gatefold sleeve. Expected May ’09.

Just because I don’t buy vinyl doesn’t mean I can’t encourage others to. Support young stoner rockers. There’s not too many kids out there making music like this, and all us old farts are bound to die off sooner or later.

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