Bulletwolf: Make Mine a Double

Bulletwolf - Double Shots of Rock and RollOh hell yes. Their demo was the best I heard last year, so when I saw Templars of Doom participants Bulletwolf were dropping eight new songs in the bleary-eyed form of new album Double Shots of Rock and Roll on Abyss Records, I jumped at the chance to get punched in the temple again. No fuckin? disappointment: these guys blast out like they were Indiana Thunderpussy, running a straight rail line out of Indianapolis and right up your ass.

Country-fried chunks of booze and Denny?s sausage are blown all over your eardrums with a binging Midwestern fuckyouitude typified in dual guitars and Worm?s ?if I was planning on living that long my throat would really regret this when I turned 50 and couldn?t speak? vocals. They’re rockers, through and through, and Double Shots is American aggression put to tape.

How raw and fuck you is this album? It’s like a combination of “these colors don’t run,” “shit happens,” and “your fucking problem,” with a dash of “who farted?” thrown in for good measure. Play at maximum volume or else a hand will literally reach out of your speaker, turn it up and call you a pussy.

Seven-minute ?Sleizard? shows off some dynamics, ?Usetoo? is a stoner song about not smoking pot anymore and ?Hungoverit? falls all over itself in doomed-out drunken glory shortly after making out with your girlfriend. Pound for pound and shot for shot, Double Shots of Rock and Roll is heavier than whatever you want to put next to it.

"...and then I woke up with this tattooed on my ass."

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  1. bulletwolf says:

    thanks for the awesome-as-fuck review!!


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